Photonix Network Services and Support

IT Support and Consultancy Services:

We provide IT Sevices and Specialised IT Consultancy for basic to advanced IT requirements such as Setting up and configuration of PCs and laptops for optimal performance, Design and implementing of networks including LAN and WAN and storage as well as Designing ‘solutions fit for purpose’ by identifying and solving challenges and Improving operational efficiency of existing systems.


Network Planning Support and Consulting:

We are dedicated to providing high quality Network Planning Support and Consultancy services. We are based on the idea of a total solutions company, a one stop shop to service all of your needs, eliminating for you the time and hassle of dealing with multiple vendors for Equipment Supply and Service Integration.


Customised Product Training:

We recognize that every company has specific challenges and requirements to achieve from learning and development to meet business goals. We with our partners design specific and customized training programs toarget our customer's specific needs.


Project Planning and Management:

We provide personalized and professional Project Planning and Management Services for customers through all phases of a project.



Network Performance Monitoring:

We seamlessly integrates with our Partners Network Management Systems for Performance Management to bring service awareness into network management.