Mobility Contollers


Aruba Networks Access Points (APS) deliver secure Wi-Fi client access to a variety of indoor and outdoor enterprise wireless LAN (WLAN) environments. based on the 802.1 In and 802.1 lac standards.

Aruba Networks delivers mobility, consistency and speed. With secure and user-based access, Aruba keeps mobile network users in touch with easy deployment between remote offices, home offices, branches and headquarters, regardless of device or type of connection.

Aruba Mobility Controller

Mobility Controllers eliminate multiple IT touch points by centralizing network engineering, IP services and policy controls across wired and wireless, while simplifying the integration of network security and enterprise app platforms.

Purpose-built with ample processing power to handle deep packet inspection, encryption and compute-intensive mobility services, they also maintain configurations and automate software updates for other Mobility Controllers, Mobility Access Switches and APS.

Indoor Access Points


Outdoor Access Points